Our Production Process

Every QDP product goes though eight phases of production. This is a cyclic process that starts and ends with you. Since each product we produce is handmade to your requirements, it can take 2 to 4 weeks for you receive it. Since this is a long time by today’s standards, we will inform you about your order as it enters various phases of production. We want you to be as much a part of the process as we are and this is our way of keeping you involved.

1. Placing Your Order

On our website, you can customize a product solution that best fits your needs, including the furniture style, the wood and finish, and the size. Once your order is placed, you will instantly receive an acknowledgement email summarizing your order. This event triggers a process in our system that puts together a product document package that will follow your order through the entire process of manufacture.

2. Raw Materials

The physical production process begins with the selection of the material required for your order. Each piece of wood is handpicked from our rough lumber inventory and then screened for defects, color and suitability of use. We then let it acclimate in the production environment for a couple of days to balance the moisture content. Only the best grade and best part of each board is used. We are so selective, that only about 75% of the material passes our selection process. The rest is recycled, used in our smaller products, or for prototypes of new designs.

3. Rough Cutting

The next phase of the production process is what we call rough cutting. This is where we prepare each wooden part in your order by cutting it to its approximate length and width. Each piece is then jointed perfectly flat and planed to an even thickness. It is then set aside to relieve the internal stresses caused by these machining processes. We will send you an email when your order has entered the manufacturing phase.

4. Final Machining

Once the stresses in the parts have been relieved, they are machined to their final dimensions. Holes, mortises, tenons and aesthetic features are machined into the parts with care taken to orient the best grain and surface features to the most viewable surface. This is a visual process that affects the appearance and quality of the final product that takes years to master. A process often overlooked in a high volume automated production facility.

5. Assembly and Prep

After the individual parts have been machined, some will be combined into sub-assemblies that will later be combined with other parts or sub-assemblies to form final assemblies. Parts are manually joined and hand fitted, then glued and clamped together to cure. Before and after these activities, the parts are sanded to 150 or 180 grit in order to receive the finish. This is an important step, because the quality of the finish will only be as good as the quality of the wood preparation, including the detection and correction of any defects.

6. Finishing

Each individual part or assembly to be finished is cleaned to remove all dust particles, and then pre-treated to fill the pores of the wood. After this pre-treatment, the pieces are once again sanded and cleaned in preparation for the application of several coats of tinted lacquer. Finally, a clear protective finish is applied and buffed for durability. Several days of curing are required at this stage of production to insure that the finish is durable enough to be handled and packed. We will send you an email when your order has entered the finishing phase.

7. Packaging

This phase of the process is where each product is carefully wrapped with finish friendly foam and bubble wrap and then packed into a cardboard box strengthened with foam. We will place a copy of your order, assembly instructions, all necessary hardware and tools if required, and any additional material in a durable pouch packed alongside your product.

8. Shipping

The last phase of the cycle is where we place your order into the hands of United Parcel Service where it is shipped directly to you by ground service. At this point, we will send you a shipping notice and tracking number, so that you can follow your order from our facility to your door.

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