Wall Hanger Styles

Wall Hanger Edge Treatments

QDP's quilt wall hangers are available with three different edge treatments: Mission, Shaker and Contemporary.

This way, should you be building a collection of our products for your home, you can choose like styles for your large, or mini-size quilt wall hangers to match our quilt shelves and racks, quilt stands, ladders and other like styled products.

The quilt wall hangers are available in a wide variety of woods and finishes. The larger hangers range from 26 to 68 inches in six inch increments. The mini-hangers are available from 10 to 20 inches in two inch increments.

The mini-wall hangers are actually 1/2 inch larger than their stated widths because we find that most quilt blocks, tapestries, and mini-quilts, are sized in whole inch widths. By adding the 1/2 inch, we guarantee that the mini-hanger will be slightly larger than the item you are hanging.

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