More About Our Wall Hangers and Hanging System

QDP designs and manufactures easy to hang mini-wall hangers, standard size wall hangers, and maxi-wall hangers for quilts sized from 10" to 116" wide. These clamping style hangers are available in a variety of colors and styles designed to pair nicely with virtually any color in your quilt and any room decor.

More Reasons to Own a QDP Wall Hanger

Besides being the easiest quilt wall hanger to install and use, here are a few more reasons why you should choose a QDP hanger.

  • Over 800 different colors, sizes and styles to choose from
  • No sleeves or modifications required
  • Quilt friendly finish on all surfaces
  • Hangs anywhere on your wall without requiring studs
  • Holds between 50 and 100 pounds
  • Deep enough to hold small items for display
  • Plated bolts and threaded inserts - no wood screws
  • Simple and clean appearance without adornment or knobs
  • Great for antique or family heirloom quilts
  • Designed and manufactured in the US by QDP
  • Only solid North American hardwoods are used
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee. Returns, or exchanges are free!

Easy Hang Wedge Lock System

The easiest way to install your quilt in a wall hanger is to do it off the wall. This way you aren't fighting gravity and won't need the assistance of an extra set of hands.

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QDP's unique hanging system is designed to do just that. Separate the front and back halves of the hanger, place your quilt in the groove, and reconnect the halves on a convenient, flat surface.

Wedges on the back of the hanger simply slide over similar wedges attached to your wall (all of the hardware is included in your purchase). This eliminates trying to line up keyhole slots, nails or screws in a blind fashion. Simply slide the entire quilt and hanger on and off the wall to change out your quilt as often as you like.

Picking The Right Size

The wall hanger should always be longer than the side of the quilt you want to hang. This insures that the binding is supported the whole length of the quilt.

Simply measure the length of your quilt and select a hanger that is the next size up. For mini-wall hangers, they are actually 1/2" longer than stated, because most miniature quilts and blocks will come in increments of two inches. So if you are sizing a mini hanger for a 10" block, pick a 10" hanger.

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Mini-Wall Hangers

These mini-wall hangers and are sized for quilt blocks, miniature quilts or tapestries. They are available from 10" to 20" in two inch increments and come in two parts, front and back plus all the mounting hardware. Configure yours here...

Wall Hangers

QDP's standard wall hangers are available from 26" to 68" widths in six inch increments and come in two parts, front and back plus all the mounting hardware. Configure yours here...

Maxi-Wall Hangers

The maxi-hangers are sized for those extra large quilts, ranging in size from 74" to 110" widths in six inch increments. Sizes 92" and up come with two front pieces and three back pieces, so a little extra assembly is required. Depending on material suitability, the 72" through 86" hangers may be two pieces, front and back. Otherwise, they will require additional assembly using five pieces. Mounting hardware is included with all hangers. Configure yours here...

Stylish Edge Treatments

All of QDP's hangers are available in three different edge treatments designed to fit most any furniture style you may have.

The clamping system is not visible. keeping the front of the hangers free from adornment, letting your eye focus on the quilt, not the hanger.

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Mission Style

Nicely beveled edges for that straight line look familiar in Mission style furniture.

Shaker Style

Beaded edges add interest to the hanger without overwhelming the appearance.

Contemporary Style

A simple edge radius softens the hanger, blending well with contemporary or modern furniture.

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